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DesignationUnit NumbersManu.Years
R-1100-399American Car & Foundry1932
R-2Trucks and motors for R1
R-316 service and MOW cars for the IND
R-4400-899American Car & Foundry1933
R-5Trucks and motors for R4
R-6-3900-1149American Car & Foundry1935
R-6-11300-1399Pressed Steel Co.1936
R-71400-1474American Car & Foundry1937
R-7A1600-1649American Car & Foundry1938
R-8Crane car
R-8A66-67 (revenue collection cars, blind motors, renumbered 20176-20177 in 1966)St. Louis Car1947?
R-91702-1802Pressed Steel Co.1940
R-101803-1852, 3000-3349 (renumbered 2950-3349 in 1970)American Car & Foundry1948
R-125703-5802American Car & Foundry1948
R-13Allocated to a track cleaning unit purchase, never purchased
R-145803-5952American Car & Foundry1949
R-155953-5999, 6200-6252American Car & Foundry1950
R-166300-6499American Car & Foundry1955
R-176500-6899St. Louis Car1955
R-18Allocated to a pump and hose car purchase, never purchased
R-19Diesel loco for pump car, never purchased
R-2038 misc. service and MOW cars
R-217050-7299St. Louis Car1956
R-227300-7749St. Louis Car1957
R-2330 hopper cars for MOW
R-24Wheel truing machines (2)
R-25Wheel truing machine (1)
R-267750-7859American Car & Foundry 1959-60
R-278020-8249St. Louis Car1960
R-287860-7959American Car & Foundry1960-61
R-298570-8805St. Louis Car 1962-63
R-308250-8351St. Louis Car1961
R-30A8352-8411St. Louis Car1961
R-308412-8569St. Louis Car1961
R-31Vacuum cleaning unit
R-338806-9305St. Louis Car1962-63
R-339306-9345St. Louis Car1962-63
R-34(contract number assigned to R11 rebuilds) 1965
R-3515 misc service and MOW cars
R-369346-9523St. Louis Car1963-64
R-369524-9557St. Louis Car1963-64
R-369558-9769St. Louis Car1964
R-374 diesel-electric locomotives
R-383950-4149St. Louis Car1966/67
R-39Allocated to a lightweight car purchase for elevated service, never purchased
R-404150-4349 (Originally 4150-4249, 4350-4449)St. Louis Car1968-69
R-404350-4449 (Originally 4450-4449)St. Louis Car1968-69
R-40M4450-4517 (Originally 4250-4317)St. Louis Car1969
R-40M4518-4549 (Originally 4318-4349)St. Louis Car1969
R-416 diesel-electric locomotives
R-424550-4949St. Louis Car1969-70
R-433 diesel-electric locomotives
R-445202-5479 (Originally 100-387)St. Louis Car1971-73
R-44SI388-435, 436-466 (even) (SIRT)St. Louis Car1971-1973
R-452 crane cars
R-465482-6258 (Originally 500-1227 (all), 1228-1278 (even))Pullman1974-75
R-478 diesel-electric locomotives
R-481 Rail Derrick Car
R-4920 Flat Cars
R-502 Supply Car (not purchased; included in R-74 Contract)
R-5118 Flat Cars
R-5212 Diesel-Electric Locomotives
R-535 Crane Cars
R-541-2 Supply Cars (not purchased)
R-55Passenger Cars (not purchased)
R-561 Two-Car Rail Welding Unit
R-571 Self-Propelled Crane
R-5827 Refuse Flat Cars
R-591 Track Geometry Car
R-601 Track Gang Car (Canceled)
R-612 Diesel Crane Cars
R-621301-1625Kawasaki Heavy Industries1984-86
R-63Not Rolling Stock contract (Car Sign Modernization)
R-64Door Operator Mechanism
R-653 Pump Cars
R-663 Tank Cars
R-67Fabricated trucks (four designs for R-84 to R-87 inclusive)
R-68A5001-5200Kawasaki Heavy Industries1988-89
R-69Prototype of Air Conditioning for 8 "B" Division Cars (not purchased) (presumably the GE GOH R-32's)
R-7020 Ballast Cars (not purchased)
R-7120 Rider Cars, 3 Hose Cars, 6 Reach Cars, (conversion of cars from R-81 contract)
R-7224 Flat Cars (4 from R-82 Contract)
R-733 Crane Cars
R-742 Signal Supply Cars (from R-50 Contract)
R-755 Diesel Locomotives (not purchased)
R-76Door modernization 900 cars (R-27, R-28, R-29, R-30, R-32)
R-7720 Diesel Locomotives
R-77E10 Electric Locomotives (5 from R-83Contract)
R-781 Rail Grinding Car
R-791 Self-Propelled Rail Changer
R-8018 Hopper Cars
R-81conversion of 10 Passenger Cars to Rider Cars (incorporated into R-71 contract)
R-824 Flat Cars (incorporated into R-72 Contract)
R-835 Electric Locomotives (incorporated into R-77E Contract)
R-842 Prototype Trucks, 8 Production Trucks (production trucks canceled)
R-852 Prototype Trucks, 8 Production Trucks (production trucks canceled)
R-862 Prototype Trucks, 8 Production Trucks (production trucks canceled)
R-872 Prototype Trucks, 8 Production Trucks (production trucks canceled)
R-8814 Rail Car Movers (1 purchased)
R-891 Rail Grinding Car
R-90Pilot Overhauls, 4 cars
R-91Pilot Overhauls, 4 cars
R-92Pilot Overhauls, 4 cars
R-93Pilot Overhauls, 4 cars
R-94Used Flat Cars (Canceled)
R-9510 Revenue Collection Cars, 10 Locker Cars
R-96Overhaul 43 Flat Cars
R-971 Vacuum Train Canceled
R-98Retrofit Traction Motors
R-99Overhaul 236 R-29 Passenger Cars
R-1002 Crane Cars (Not Purchased)
R-10130 Reconditioned Flat Cars
R-1029 Ten-ton Crane Cars (3 from R-119 Contract)
R-1033 Side Dump Cars
R-104Upgrade and Overhaul 13 Locomotives, Upgrade 22 Locomotives
R-1051 Ballast Distributor
R-106New Car Design: Future Cars (incorporated into R-110 Contract)
R-107New Car Design: Lightweight Trucks
R-108New Car Design: Propulsion Controls
R-109New Car Design: Auxiliary Systems
R-110ANew Tech. Test Train A Division - Design
R-110BNew Tech. Test Train B Division - Design
R-111Purchase 2 Cranes
R-1121 Dynamometer for Track Testing (Not Purchased)
R-11312 Three-Ton Crane Cars
R-11420 Flat Cars (Canceled)
R-115Develop and Test Prototype Air Conditioning Unit (Canceled)
R-11610 Hopper Cars (3 from R-118 Contract)
R-11710 Diesel-Electric Locomotives (Canceled) Design Stage for R120
R-1183 Hopper Cars (Incorporated into R-116 Contract)
R-1192 Ten-Ton Crane Cars (Incorporated into R-102 Contract)
R-1207 Diesel-Electric Locomotives
R-121Overhaul 22 Flat Cars and 2 Crane cars
R-122Overhaul 18 R51 Flat Cars
R-123Convert 16 passenger cars to 2 continuous welded rail train
R-1243 Tampers (Track and Structures purchases)
R-1251 Ballast Regulator (Track and Structures Purchases)
R-126Overhaul 20 Diesel Electric Locomotives (8 R47 & 12 R52)
R-127EP001-EP010 (Refuse train propulsion units)Bombardier&nbsp
R-128Overhaul 2 continuous welded rail trains
R-129Overhead Cranes (for shop)
R-130 (aka R110A)8001-8010Kawasaki Heavy Industries1992
R-131 (aka R110B)3001-3009Bombardier1992
R-132Planning MW104111- replace Coney Island Yard Cranes
R-133Overhaul 27 R58 Refuse Flat Cars
R-134EP011-EP018 (Refuse train propulsion units)Bombardier&nbsp
R-135Overhaul Four Diesel Locomotives
R-136Upgrade/Repair 2 Track Geometry Cars
R-137Vacuum Cleaning Train (for track maintenance)
R-138Overhaul 18 Hopper cars
R-139Overhaul 4 refuse flat cars
R-140Overhaul 1 rail grinding train
R-141Recondition 24 NYCT flat cars and 6 SIR flat cars
R-142 primary order6301-6980Bombardier1999-2001
R-142 option order6981-7210(*)Bombardier2002?
R-142A primary order7211-7610Kawasaki1999-2001
R-142A option order7611-7730Kawasaki2002?
R-142 option order7731-7850Bombardier2002?
R-143 primary order8101-8200Kawasaki2001-2003
R-143 option order8201-8312Kawasaki2001-2003

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