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By Peter Dougherty. Copyright © 1996, 2001 by Peter Dougherty. Maps updated 2007 by Matthew Shull, 2010 by Patrick Michel, 2017 by Aahd Tahar.

This is a collection of track maps, showing the physical tracks making up the subway system. These are not intended to be route maps, showing the logical routings of the passenger trains, although the individual tracks are color coded, and route indicators are provided on the maps, to help the viewer figure out what's what. These are based on the service patterns in the late 1990s. It's not likely the track maps will be updated with new colors just to reflect new train routings over the existing tracks. For a current route map, look here: New York City Subway Route Map by Michael Calcagno.

NOW AVAILABLE! 2021 Edition! By popular demand, our track maps are now available in book format. The wire-bound book will include all of the track maps, plus track designations, signal information, and more, not shown on the web versions. Follow me for more information.

Manhattan and The Bronx

  • Bronx & Manhattan. Large map - All of Manhattan and the Bronx north of 14th Street.
  • Bronx & Manhattan - North. Subset of above large map - All lines north of 167th St/Manhattan and Bronx.
  • Bronx & Manhattan - Uptown. Subset of above large map - All lines between 79th Street and 163rd Street in Manhattan, plus #2/#5 to Prospect Ave and #6 to Longwood Ave, Bronx. With Second Avenue.
  • Manhattan - Midtown. Subset of above large map - All lines between 14th Street and 81st Street, Manhattan. With Second Avenue and Hudson Yards.
  • Manhattan - Downtown. Large map - All lines in Manhattan below 14th Street.

Second Avenue Subway Extension Updates

Detail Maps - Manhattan & Bronx

Queens & Brooklyn

  • Queens - Large. Large map - Jamaica line, Canarsie line, Myrtle line, Fulton line east of Broadway Jct., Queens Boulevard line, Flushing line, Astoria line, Crosstown line.
  • Brooklyn - Large. Large map - from the East River tunnels (plus the Manhattan Bridge) south: Brighton line, Culver line, West End line, Sea Beach line, Brooklyn IRT, Fulton line west of Broadway Jct.
  • Queens 1. Subset of above map - Flushing, Queens Boulevard, Astoria, Queensborough Plaza.
  • Queens 2. Subset of above map - Canarsie line, Jamaica line, Myrtle line, East New York area.
  • Queens 3. Subset of above map - East ends of Queens Boulevard, Jamaica, Fulton, and Brooklyn IRT lines.
  • Rockaway. Far Rockaway, Mott Avenue, Broad Channel
  • Brooklyn 1. Subset of above map - Brooklyn Heights, Atlantic Ave., Manhattan crossings.
  • Brooklyn 2. Subset of above map - Fulton from Clinton-Washington to East New York, Brooklyn IRT, end of Canarsie line.
  • Brooklyn 3. Subset of above map - BMT Southern Division.

Detail Maps - Queens & Brooklyn

South Brooklyn/NY Cross Harbor

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