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Temporary slow speed, proceed at indicated speed Beginning of time control Proceed at speed indicated denoted in miles per hour
Reduce speed "20" denotes miles per hour, IRT Only Beginning of grade timing section, "10" denotes miles per hour Beginning of station timing section, "10" denotes miles per hour
Resume speed, "10" denotes number of cars Station car stop sign for all trains except R-type Reverse movement car stop sign for locations other than station platforms, "4" denotes number of cars
Gap filler sign located near the 10 car station car stop sign End of signal control sign, prepare to stop within vision Station platform sign for station with system telephone on platform level
Reduce speed in tunnel - IRT Only Diverging route "15" denotes miles per hour Do not exceed series speed, master controller must not be advanced beyond series position
Station car stop sign, "#" denotes number of cars Station car stop sign, "#" denotes number of R-type cars Railroad crossing
Coasting Stop Fouling point
Employee loading platform Emergency telephone location Fire extinguisher location
No clearance sign- no clearance stripe
Conductors Indicator Board

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