Chapter 3: Brooklyn Company Routes and Stations

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New Subways For New York: The Dual System of Rapid Transit · Public Service Commission


Street Surface of Fourth Avenue Near 37th Street Restored After Subway Construction.

The Brooklyn company's part of the Dual System will embrace the existing elevated lines of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit system and several City-owned subway lines, together with certain extensions of the former to be built by the company. The new lines and the extra tracking of existing lines will add 155 miles of single track to the existing elevated system, which covers 105 miles, making a total of 260 miles in the Brooklyn company's part of the Dual System. Of the new mileage 110.41 will be in subway lines, 35.29 in elevated extensions and 9.3 in extra tracking of elevated roads. The subway lines will be built in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the elevated extensions in Brooklyn and Queens.

The Broadway Subway.

The Brooklyn company, which, at present, operates no lines in Manhattan, will have for operation, under the Dual System, a new subway line in Manhattan with which, by tunnels and bridges, it will connect its elevated system in Brooklyn and Queens. It will also operate the Fourth Avenue Subway in Brooklyn and the Centre Street Loop Subway in Manhattan. The proposed Broadway Subway in Manhattan, to be built by the City and operated by this company, will run from Whitehall Street, Manhattan, north through Trinity Place, Church Street, Vesey Street and Broadway to 42nd Street, thence through Seventh Avenue to 59th Street, and through 59th Street and 60th Street to and over the Queensborough Bridge. This subway will be a two-track road from Whitehall Street to Park Place, a four-track road from Park Place and Broadway to 59th Street and a two-track road through 59th Street to Fifth Avenue, where one track will diverge to 60th Street, and both will continue to and over the Queensborough Bridge. At the Queens end of the bridge it will connect with the proposed elevated lines to Astoria and Corona, so that Broadway subway trains may be operated through, to and from both of those points.


Surface of Broadway North of Park Place Showing Contractor's Platform At City Hail Park, Singer Building in Distance. Broadway Subway Construction.

The Broadway subway will be connected with Brooklyn by three different lines. One will be a subway and tunnel running from the Fourth Avenue Subway at DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, through Willoughby Street and Montague Street, under the East River to Whitehall Street, where it will join the Broadway Subway running north through Whitehall Street, Trinity Place, Church and Vesey Streets to Broadway.

Another connection will be made at Broadway and Canal Street by a two-track subway eastward through Canal Street and crossing under the Centre Street Loop Subway to and over the Manhattan Bridge by the tracks leading into the Fourth Avenue Subway in Brooklyn.

Another connection (non-physical) will be made at 14th Street and Broadway by a new two-track subway to run from Sixth Avenue and 14th Street east through 14th Street and under the East River to North Seventh Street, Brooklyn, and thence through North Seventh Street, Metropolitan Avenue and Bushwick Avenue to Johnson Avenue, thence to be continued as a two and three-track elevated line through Johnson Avenue and Wyckoff Avenue or other streets to a connection with the existing Broadway elevated line, connecting at one point also with the Myrtle Avenue elevated line. This route is what is known as the Eastern District Rapid Transit line.

It is not yet finally determined whether this road will be built through Wyckoff Avenue. The Commission is considering an alternative route, and it is possible that such a route will be adopted, as the contracts provide for the selection of a substitute route on any line where it is impossible to get the consents for the original route.


Surface of Broadway North of Chambers Street-Temporary Roadway and By-Passed Gas Mains-Woolworth Building in Distance. Broadway Subway Construction.

The Centre Street Loop Subway in Manhattan, now nearly completed, will form an important part of the Brooklyn company's new system, and will probably be the first line in Manhattan to be operated by that company. The Centre Street Loop Subway begins at Chambers Street and Park Row near the Manhattan terminal of the Brooklyn Bridge and runs north as a four-track subway through Centre Street to Delancey Street Extension and through Delancey Street Extension to and over the Williamsburg Bridge across the East River. A spur will leave this line at Canal Street and run as a two-track subway over the Manhattan Bridge. Under the Dual System plan the Centre Street Loop Subway will be continued as a two-track road south in Nassau Street and Broad Street to a connection with the proposed tunnel from Whitehall Street, Manhattan, to Montague Street, Brooklyn. While the loop is already connected with the tracks over the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges, there is no physical connection with the Brooklyn Bridge, but such a connection is now being built, so that eventually the Centre Street Loop will be linked up with the Brooklyn Bridge as well as the Manhattan and Williamsburg structures. By using Brooklyn Bridge and a part of the Fourth Avenue Subway in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn company will be enabled to send trains from all of its elevated lines into Manhattan by way of the Centre Street Loop and, if desirable, can send trains around the loop by dispatching them into Manhattan over one bridge and back to Brooklyn by another.


Partially Completed Subway Near 37th Street Beneath Above Scene, Fourth Avenue (Brooklyn) Subway.

The Fourth Avenue Subway in Brooklyn, which is being built by the City and is now nearly completed, will be extended from its present terminus at 43rd Street and Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, down Fourth Avenue to 89th Street and will be operated by the Brooklyn company. It runs from the Brooklyn end of the Manhattan Bridge, through Flatbush Avenue Extension partly as a six-track subway, to Fulton Street, and thence as a four-track subway through Fulton Street, Ashland Place and Fourth Avenue to 43rd Street. The proposed extension will be a four-track subway as far as 65th Street, at which point a two-track subway and tunnel, to be built in the future, will diverge to Staten Island. From 65th Street to 89th Street the extension will be a two-track subway, but it will be built in the west side of Fourth Avenue, so that two additional tracks may be laid in the future if desirable.


Fourth Avenue Near 22nd Street-Surface Restored After Subway Construction.

With this subway the Brooklyn company will connect most of its existing South Brooklyn and Coney Island lines. The Brighton will be connected with the Fourth Avenue Subway by an extension of the latter to be built through Fulton Street to St. Felix Street and under the property of the Long Island Railroad Company, and through private property to Flatbush Avenue and out Flatbush Avenue to a connection with the Brighton Beach line at Malbone Street.

Brooklyn Elevated Extensions.

From the Fourth Avenue Subway at 38th Street a new subway will be built running through the property of the South Brooklyn Railway Company to Tenth Avenue and thence by an elevated railroad over Tenth Avenue to New Utrecht Avenue and thence over the route of the existing Brooklyn Rapid Transit line, as an elevated road, through New Utrecht Avenue, 86th Street and Stillwell Avenue to Coney Island. From 38th Street and Ninth Avenue an extension will be built as all elevated road along 37th Street to Gravesend Avenue and thence along Gravesend Avenue over the route of the present Culver Line of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company, as an elevated road, to Surf Avenue, Coney Island. The Sea Beach line to Coney Island will also be connected with the Fourth Avenue Subway by a new subway to be built eastward from the Fourth Avenue line through 65th Street to a junction with the Sea Beach line.

The Brooklyn company will also extend its Myrtle Avenue Elevated line to Lutheran Cemetery, its Cypress Hills Elevated line through Jamaica Avenue and Fulton Street to Grand Avenue, Jamaica, and its City Line Elevated road through Liberty Avenue to Lefferts Avenue, Richmond Hill.

The above additions and extensions will add to the Brooklyn company's system 32.7 miles of single track in Manhattan, 4.8 miles of single track in Queens (including Queensborough Bridge), and 117.5 miles of single track in Brooklyn (including East River tunnels).

Routes in Brooklyn Company's System.

Existing Elevated Railroads, embracing the Broadway, the Fulton Street, the Myrtle Avenue, the Lexington Avenue, the Fifth Avenue, the Brighton Beach, the Canarsie and the Sea Beach Lines 105
Broadway-Seventh Avenue Subway-Morris Street to 59th Street. Four tracks north of Park Place. 17.6
Fifty-ninth Street Subway-Seventh Avenue to Queens Plaza subway and bridge. Two tracks. 4.46
Extension of Centre Street Loop Lines Subway-From Brooklyn Bridge down Nassau Street to Broad Street and through Broad Street to Whitehall Street tunnel. Subway. Two tracks. 2.0
Canal Street Connection-In Canal Street-From Broadway to Manhattan Bridge. Subway. Two tracks. 1.2
Connection with Brighton Beach Line-Fulton Street, St. Felix Street and Flatbush Avenue to Malbone Street. Subway. Two tracks. 2.4
Eastern District Line-14th Street and Sixth Avenue to East New York. Subway and elevated. Two tracks. 14.82
East River Tunnel-Whitehall Street to Montague Street Subway. Two tracks. 4.0
Fourth Avenue Subway Extension-3rd Street to 89th Street. Four tracks to 65th Street. 6.9
Fourth Avenue Subway-Manhattan Bridge to 43rd Street. Subway. Four tracks. 17.0
Centre Street Loop Subway-From Park Row to Williamsburg Bridge. Subway. Four tracks. 5.6
Connection 38th Street, 4th and 9th Avenues. Subway and open cut. Three tracks. 1.88
New Utrecht Avenue, 39th to 86th Street to Coney Island. Elevated. Three tracks. 16.5
Culver, 9th Avenue to Coney Island. Elevated. Three tracks. 16.05
Total 110.41
Jamaica Lines-Elevated. Two tracks. 13.2
Myrtle Avenue (Lutheran Cemetery), Fresh Pond Road. Elevated and right of way. Two tracks. 2.0
Brighton Beach. Open cut. 2.0
Sea Beach, 65th Street and 4th Avenue to Coney Island. Open cut and embankment. Two tracks. 16.05
Eastern Parkway to Malbone Street Subway. Two tracks. 1.8
Canal Street Spur 0.24
Total 35.29
Fulton Street Elevated Line-Third track from Brooklyn Bridge to East New York; Broadway Elevated Line-Third track from Williamsburg Bridge to East New York; Myrtle Avenue Elevated Line-Third track from Broadway to Ridgewood 9.30
Total 9.30

Stations on Brooklyn Company's Lines.

As in the case of the Interborough, the Commission makes the station locations on City-owned lines of the Brooklyn company, while those on the elevated extensions (company-owned) are made by the company. As the company has not submitted all plans for elevated extensions, it is impossible at this time to give the location of the elevated line stations. These stations, however, will be shown on a map of the Dual System soon to be issued, and copies of that map will be made on a scale suitable for insertion in this booklet. The following list shows the proposed locations as fixed by the Commission on City-owned lines:

Stations on New Lines.

Station Approximate Location of Platform Approximate Location of Entrance
Broad Street Centered on Exchange Place Beaver and Wall Streets
Fulton Street Approximately Centered on Fulton Street Fulton and John Streets
Chambers Street, Ex. Extending northerly from Chambers Street Municipal Building and Chambers Street
Canal Street, Ex. Approximately centered on Canal Street. Canal Street
Bowery, Ex. Delancey Street Bowery
Gold Street Centered on Gold Street and Myrtle Avenue Gold Street
DeKalb Avenue Approximately centered on DeKalb Avenue DeKalb Avenue
Pacific Street, Ex. Extending southerly from Pacific Street Pacific Street
Union Street Centered on block between Union and President Streets On Fourth Avenue between Union and President Streets
9th Street Centered on block between 8th and 9th Streets On Fourth Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets
Prospect Avenue Centered on block between Prospect Avenue and 17th Street On Fourth Avenue between Prospect Avenue and 17th Street
25th Street Centered on block between 25th and 26th Streets On Fourth Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets
36th Street, Ex. Centered on 36th Street 36th Street
45th Street Centered on block between 45th and 46th Streets 45th and 46th Streets
53rd Street Centered on block between 52nd and 53rd Streets. 53rd Street
59th Street. Ex. Approximately centered on block between 59th and 60th Streets 59th Street
Bay Ridge Avenue Centered on the block between 68th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue Bay Ridge Avenue
77th Street Centered on block between 76th and 77th Streets 77th Street
86th Street, Ex. Centered on 86th Street Near 86th Street
9th Avenue, Ex. At or near 9th Avenue 9th Avenue
44th Street Centering on 44th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway 44th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway
49th Street Centering on 12th Avenue and 50th Street At or near 12th Avenue
55th Street At or about 55th Street 55th Street near 13th Avenue
62nd Street, Ex. About 62nd Street 62nd Street
71st Street. Extending from 69th to 71st Street 71st Street
79th Street Extending from 77th to 79th Street South end, near 17th Avenue
18th Avenue About 18th Avenue Center of Station
20th Avenue Centering on 20th Avenue. 20th Avenue and 86th Street
Bay Parkway, Ex. Extending east from Bay Parkway West end
25th Avenue Extending east from 25th Avenue. West end
Surf Avenue, Ex. North of Surf Avenue South end.
Fort Hamilton Parkway Centering on Fort Hamilton Parkway Fort Hamilton Parkway near 37th Street
13th Avenue Extending east from 13th Avenue West end
Ditmas Avenue Extending north from Ditmas Avenue South end
18th Avenue, Ex. Extending south from 18th Avenue North end
Avenue I Extending south from Avenue I Avenue I
22nd Avenue Centering on 22nd Avenue 22nd Avenue
Avenue N Extending north from Avenue N North end
Avenue P Centering on Avenue P Avenue P and Gravesend Avenue
Kings Highway, Ex. Extending south from Kings Highway North end
Avenue U Extending south from Avenue U North end
Avenue X Centering on Avenue X Center of station
Van Sicklen Centering on Neptune Avenue Neptune Avenue and West 6th Street
Surf Avenue, Ex. Surf Avenue and West 6th Street South end.
Court Street Centered between Court and Clinton Streets Myrtle Avenue
Whitehall Street From State Street to Bridge Street State and Stone Streets
Rector Street Centered between Exchange Alley and Rector Street Rector Street (Exchange Alley)
Cortlandt Street Centered Between Cortlandt and Dey Streets Cortlandt and Dey Streets
City Hall, Ex. Centered between Warren and Murray Streets City Hall Park
Canal Street Approximately centered on Canal Street Canal Street
Prince Street Approximately centered on Prince Street Prince Street
8th Street Centered between Astor Place and 8th Street 8th Street
Union Square, Ex. From 14th Street, extending northerly 14th Street and Union Square
23rd Street Approximately centered on 23rd Street 22nd and 23rd Streets, Madison Square and Fifth Avenue.
28th Street Centered between 28th and 29th Streets 28th and 29th Streets
34th Street, Ex. From 33rd Street, extending northerly 34th Street
42nd Street. Extending southerly from 42nd Street 40th and 42nd Streets
49th Street, Ex. Approximately centered on 48th Street 47th and 49h Streets
57th Street Approximately centered on 56th Street 55th and 57th Streets
Fifth Avenue Extending westerly from Fifth Avenue, Fifth Avenue, 59th Street and Central Park
Lexington Avenue Extending easterly from Lexington Avenue 59th and 60th Streets, near Lexington Avenue
Broadway Between Broadway and Centre Street Canal Street, east of Broadway
Atlantic Avenue Extending northerly from Atlantic Avenue Atlantic Avenue L.I.R.R. (Hanson Place)
Seventh Avenue Between Seventh Avenue and Sterling Place Seventh Avenue (Sterling Place)
(Manhattan & Brooklyn)
Sixth Avenue Approximately centered on Sixth Avenue Sixth Avenue
Union Square Approximately centered on Broadway between Union Square and Fourth Avenue Union Square and Broadway
Third Avenue Centered between Third and Second Avenues East from Third Avenue
First Avenue. Centered between First Avenue and Avenue A East from First Avenue
Bedford Avenue. Centered between Bedford and Driggs Avenues Bedford and Driggs Avenues
Lorimer Street Centered between Lorimer Street and Union Avenue Lorimer Street and Union Avenue
Graham Avenue Centered between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street East of Graham Avenue
Grand Street Approximately centered on Grand Street Grand Street and Bushwick Avenue
Montrose Street Centered between Montrose and Meserole Streets Montrose and Meserole Streets
Morgan Avenue Centered between Knickerbocker Avenue and Bogart Street Morgan Avenue
Flushing Avenue Centered between Flushing Avenue and Troutman Street Flushing Avenue
DeKalb Avenue Centered between DeKalb Avenue and Stanhope Street DeKalb Avenue
Ridgewood Approximately centered on Gates Avenue and Palmetto Street. Gates Avenue and Myrtle Avenue
Halsey Street Approximately centered on Halsey and Stephen Streets Halsey Street
Central Avenue Centered between Central Avenue and Granite Street South from Central Avenue
Broadway Centered between Broadway and Eastern Parkway Eastern Parkway
(Locations of entrances in parentheses denote possible future entrances.)

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