Chapter 2: Interborough Routes and Stations

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New Subways For New York: The Dual System of Rapid Transit · Public Service Commission

The extensions of and additions to the rapid transit lines operated by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company will add about 168 miles to its 191 miles of existing trackage. Of the new trackage 147 miles will be extensions of City-owned subway lines, about 10 1/2 miles extensions and 10 1/2 miles third-tracking of company-owned elevated roads. The subway line extensions will be made in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens, while the elevated extensions and additions will be confined to Manhattan and The Bronx, except for the extension of the Second Avenue elevated road, which will reach over the East River to Queens.

Extensions of City Subway.

The existing subway consists of a system having 26 miles of road or 73 miles of single track. It extends from the business center of Brooklyn under the East River to lower Manhattan, through the whole length of Manhattan Island, with two branches north of 96th Street, the western or Broadway branch running to Van Cortlandt Park or 242nd Street, and the eastern or Lenox Avenue branch running to Bronx Park or 180th Street. This subway runs up the east side of Manhattan from the Battery to 42nd Street, at which point it turns west and runs through 42nd Street to Broadway and thence up the western side of the Island through Broadway. South of 96th Street, therefore, it is a west side line north of 42nd Street and an east side line south of that street, although north of 96th Street it has both east and west side branches.

Under the Dual System, extensions will be made both north and south of 42nd Street, so that, when completed, the subway will have two complete north and south lines, one running up and down the west side, and the other up and down the east side of Manhattan. This will be effected by extending the west side line from 42nd Street at Times Square, south in Seventh Avenue, Varick and other streets to the Battery, and north from 42nd Street in Lexington Avenue to and under the Harlem River as far as 135th Street in The Bronx. Both of these extensions will be four-track subways, that both local and express service can be maintained on the east and west side lines.


Surface of Lexington Avenue During Construction. Lexington Avenue At 74th Street.

At 135th Street the Lexington Avenue Subway will divide into two branches, one running easterly through 138th Street to Southern Boulevard and thence northerly through Southern Boulevard, Whitlock Avenue and Westchester Avenue to Pelham Bay Park; the other running northerly through Mott, River and Jerome Avenues to Woodlawn Road. Each of these branches will be a three track road. The easterly branch will be a subway as far as a point in Whitlock Avenue between Aldus and Bancroft Streets, and from there to its terminus an elevated structure. The Jerome Avenue Branch will be a subway from 135th Street to 157th Street and River Avenue, from which point to its terminus it will be an elevated road. The third track will permit the operation of express trains clear through to the termini of these branches.


Upper Or Local Track Level Partially Completed. Lexington Avenue At 74th Street.

While these two branches will give needed relief to the east side and the west side of The Bronx, an extension of the Lenox Avenue branch of the present subway and an extension of the Third Avenue Elevated line will do the same for the northern central portion of that borough. The Lenox Avenue branch now terminates at Bronx Park or 180th Street. Under the Dual System plan a two and three-track elevated line will be built from this point northerly to White Plains Road and through White Plains Road to Becker Avenue or 241st Street, practically the City limits. Near 180th Street this road will connect with the line of the New York, Westchester and Boston Railway, of the New Haven system, at a station to be used jointly by each, so that passengers may transfer from one to the other without leaving shelter. The Lenox Avenue branch also will be connected with the Jerome Avenue extension at 149th Street. The proposed extension of the Third Avenue Elevated from its present terminus at Bronx Park will connect with this White Plains line at Gun Hill Road. The Third Avenue Elevated line will also be connected with the Lenox Avenue branch of the present subway by a short line at about 149th Street.


Rock Cut in Franz Sigel Park On Jerome Avenue Branch.


Steel Work in Place in Rock Cut in Franz Sigel Park On Jerome Avenue Branch. Lexington Avenue Subway Construction in the Bronx.

Important extensions of the present subway also will be made toward the east in Queens and Brooklyn. Under the terms of the Dual System agreement the Steinway Tunnel, which runs under the East River from 42nd Street, Manhattan, to Fourth Street, Long Island City, will be extended on both sides of the river and operated as a part of the subway. The westerly terminus of this tunnel is now at 42nd Street, near the Grand Central Station. It will be extended westward through 42nd Street to Broadway at Times Square. On the Queens side it will be extended as a subway and elevated line through and over the Sunnyside Yard of the Long Island Railroad Company and thence via Davis Street and Ely Avenue to the Queensborough Bridge Plaza. This tunnel will be a two-track subway from Times Square to its present terminus in Long Island City. The extension in Queens will be a two and three track subway and elevated road.


Lower of Express Tunnel During Construction. Lexington Avenue At 74th Street.

Elevated Roads in Queens.


One of Several Designs Submitted By the Commission's Engineers For Ornamental Elevated Structure On Queens Boulevard.

From the Queensborough Bridge Plaza two elevated railroads will be built connecting with the Steinway Tunnel Extension. One of these roads will be a two and three-track elevated line north through Second Avenue to Ditmars Avenue, Astoria. The other will be a two and three-track elevated line through Queens Boulevard. Greenpoint Avenue, and Roosevelt Avenue to Sycamore Avenue, Corona. Eventually this line probably will be extended to Flushing and points beyond, a matter now engaging the attention of the Public Service Commission. Trains from the subway in Manhattan can pass over both of these extensions by going through the Steinway Tunnel. These two lines will also be used by trains from the Second Avenue Elevated line in Manhattan going over the Queensborough Bridge as well as by trains of the New York Municipal Company passing through the Broadway and 59th Street subways in Manhattan and over the Queensborough Bridge. These Queens branches are to be owned by the City and leased to the Interborough company, but trackage rights on them are given to the Brooklyn company.


Elevation of Station On Astoria and Corona Lines At Queens Plaza of Queensboro Bridge. Entrance of Typical Concrete Station For Ornamental Elevated Structure On Queens Boulevard.

The Seventh Avenue extension of the subway in Manhattan to be operated by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company will be connected with Brooklyn by a new tunnel. This tunnel line will leave the Seventh Avenue line at West Broadway and Park Place and will run through Park Place, under the United States Post Office property and through Beekman Street to William Street, through William Street to Old Slip and thence under the East River to Clark Street, Brooklyn, and through Clark Street to a connection with the present subway at Borough Hall. The present subway which ends at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, Brooklyn, will be extended out Flatbush Avenue to Eastern Parkway and out Eastern Parkway to Buffalo Avenue as a four-track Subway. A branch two-track subway will run down Nostrand Avenue as far as Flatbush Avenue and a three-track elevated extension will be made from Buffalo Avenue out East 98th Street to Livonia Avenue and through Livonia Avenue to New Lots Road. Later a branch from Eastern Parkway, down Utica Avenue to Flatbush Avenue, probably will be built, the route of which has already been adopted by the Public Service Commission. The new tunnel will be a two-track road and with the existing tunnel from the Battery to Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, will give the Interborough Rapid Transit Company four tracks under the East River.

These new lines, to be owned by the City, will give to the Interborough Rapid Transit Company 37.9 miles of new subway single track in Manhattan (including Harlem tunnels), 53.3 miles of new subway and elevated road (single track) in The Bronx, 30.6 single track miles of Steinway Tunnel and its extensions and elevated road branches for Queens, and 25 miles of new tunnel and subway and elevated single track in Brooklyn (including East River tunnels).

Elevated Extensions-Manhattan and The Bronx.

Important additions and extensions are also provided for the elevated lines of the Interborough Rapid Transit Company under the Dual System. These elevated lines, namely the Second, Third, and Ninth Avenue roads, are mainly two-track lines. The total elevated mileage in Manhattan and The Bronx, including the Sixth Avenue line from 53rd Street south to the Battery, is 118 miles of single track. With the proposed additions under the Dual System the mileage will be expanded to 139 miles of single track.

Additions to these elevated lines are to be of two kinds:

  1. Third-Tracking.
  2. Extensions.

The third-tracks on the elevated railroads are needed for express train service. To a certain extent this service is already provided by third-tracks on the Ninth Avenue Elevated from Christopher Street north to 116th Street and by a third-track on the Third Avenue Elevated from 42nd Street north to 129th Street. Under the Dual System it is proposed to complete the third-tracks on these two lines and to add a third-track to the Second Avenue Elevated road. The Second Avenue line will be third-tracked from the City Hall Station in Manhattan north to 129th Street and the Harlem River, the Third Avenue line from City Hall Station north to 129th Street and the Harlem River and the Ninth Avenue line from Rector Street north to 155th Street and Eighth Avenue, the present terminus. The existing bridge across the Harlem River carrying the Third Avenue Elevated tracks will be reconstructed into a four-track bridge, and the four tracks will be extended north to 144th Street in The Bronx. The company will have the privilege of later extending the third-track to the present terminus of the Third Avenue line at Bronx Park.

The above improvements will enable the company to run express trains through from 155th Street on the Ninth Avenue line clear to Rector Street, and from the Harlem River on the Second and Third Avenue lines clear to the City Hall.

The Ninth Avenue, the Second Avenue and Third Avenue Elevated lines will be given new outlets to the north under the Dual System. The Ninth Avenue line will be extended as a two-track elevated railroad from about 157th Street and Eighth Avenue across the Putnam Railroad Bridge over the Harlem River, thence over the right-of-way of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company and private property, thence as a tunnel emerging as an elevated structure in 162nd Street near Jerome Avenue and thence over 162nd Street to River Avenue, where a connection will be made with the elevated structure of the Jerome Avenue Extension of the Lexington Avenue Subway. The right to operate elevated trains over the Jerome Avenue Extension is granted to the Interborough Company, so that when that extension is built, elevated trains starting at the Battery may run clear through to Jerome Avenue and Woodlawn Road, and the Ninth Avenue express service can be extended to the northern terminus.

The Third Avenue Elevated line will be extended from its present terminus at Bronx Park as a two-track elevated line north through Webster Avenue to Gun Hill Road and through Gun Hill Road to White Plains Road where a connection will be made with the White Plains Road extension of the Lenox Avenue branch of the present subway. This extension will permit of trains on the Third Avenue Elevated running clear through from the City Hall Station to 241st Street or Becker Avenue, as the Company will have the right to operate its elevated trains over the White Plains Road extension of the subway. When the third tracking is completed to Bronx Park, the express service can be extended to 241st Street.

The Second Avenue Elevated line will also be extended from 59th Street over the Queensborough Bridge to a junction with the Queens elevated lines to Astoria and Corona. These lines, therefore, will be used for operation of both elevated and subway trains.

These improvements will add to the existing trackage of the Manhattan Elevated system 10.5 miles in Manhattan, 9.9 miles in Bronx, and 1/2 mile in Queens, of single track.


Surface of Lexington Avenue Near 107th Street During Construction.


Section of Partially Completed Subway Near 107th Street Directly Beneath Above Scene. Lexington Avenue Subway.

Routes in Interborough System.

Existing subway, from Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, Brooklyn, to 242nd Street, on Broadway Branch and 180th Street on Lenox Avenue Branch. 73.00
Existing Elevated lines, including the Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Sixth Avenue and Ninth Avenue Roads in Manhattan and The Bronx. 118.00
Total 191.00
Lexington Avenue Line, From 35th Street and Park Avenue to 135th Street, The Bronx. All subway. Four tracks. 20.6
River and Jerome Avenue Line, From 135th Street and Park Avenue to Woodlawn Road. One-fourth subway, three-fourths elevated. Three tracks. 18.20
Southern Boulevard and Westchester Avenue Line, From 135th Street and Park Avenue to Pelham Bay Park. One-half subway, one-half elevated. Three tracks. 21.4
White Plains Road Extension, From 179th Street and Boston Road (Bronx Park Division of existing subway) to and up White Plains Road to Becker Avenue. All elevated. Three tracks. 13.7
Seventh Avenue Line, From Times Square to the Battery. All subway. Four tracks north of Park Place. 15.2
Park Place, William and Clark Street Line, From West Broadway through Park Place, private property, Beckman Street, William Street and Old Slip in Manhattan, under the East River to Clark Street, Brooklyn, and through Clark Street and Fulton Street to the present subway. All subway. Two tracks. 4.5
Steinway Tunnel, From Park Avenue and 42nd Street Manhattan, to and under the East River to Long Island City. All subway. Two tracks. 3.2
Steinway Tunnel Extension in Manhattan, in 42nd Street from Times Square to junction with Steinway Tunnel. All subway. Two tracks. 0.8
Queens Extension of Steinway Tunnel to Queensborough Bridge Plaza. Subway and elevated. Two and three tracks. 2.6
Astoria Line, Crescent Street to Ditmars Avenue. All elevated. Two and three tracks. Trackage rights also to B.R.T. 7.5
Corona and Woodside Line, Crescent Street to Prime Street. All elevated. Two and three tracks. Trackage rights also to B.R.T. 16.5
Eastern Parkway Line, From terminus of existing subway at Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, out Flatbush Avenue and Eastern Parkway to Buffalo Avenue. All subway. Four tracks. 12.7
Nostrand Avenue Line, From Eastern Parkway to Flatbush Avenue. All subway. Two tracks. 4.8
Livonia Avenue Line, From Eastern Parkway through East 98th Street and Livonia Avenue to New Lots Road. All elevated. Two tracks. 5.1
Total 146.5
Putnam Bridge Line, From 157th Street and 8th Avenue across Putnam Bridge, over the Harlem, over New York Central right of way and private property and 162nd Street to River Avenue to connection with Lexington Avenue subway extension in Jerome Avenue. Two tracks. 1.3
West Farms Connection, From 3rd Avenue elevated line at about 143rd Street through private property, Willis and Bergen Avenues to Brook Avenue connection with West Farms Division of the subway. Two tracks; and including Harlem River Bridge Extension of Third Avenue Line--Four-track bridge and four-track line between Harlem River and 144th Street. 3.1
White Plains Road Connection, Elevated line from Fordham Avenue through Webster Avenue and Gun Hill Road to White Plains Road extension of the subway. Two tracks. 5.5
Queensborough Bridge Line, From 2nd Avenue elevated line to Queensborough Bridge Plaza. Two tracks. 0.5
Total of elevated extensions 10.4
Second Avenue and Third Avenue Lines, Completion of third track from City Hall station to 129th Street. 8.1
Ninth Avenue Elevated Line, Completion of third-track from Rector Street to 155th Street. (New portions from Rector to 14th Street and from 116th Street to 155th Street.) 2.4
Total of third-tracking of elevated lines 10.5
City-owned lines for construction by City and Company. 146.8
Elevated railroad extensions for construction by Company. 10.4
Elevated additional tracking for construction by Company. 10.5
Total new construction 167.7
Existing subway 73
Existing elevated lines 118
Grand total, Interborough System 358.7

Stations on Interborough Lines.

Station locations on City-owned lines are made by the Public Service Commission; on company-owned lines by the company, subject to the approval of the Commission. As the company has not yet submitted the plans for elevated construction, it is impossible at this time to give the locations on the proposed elevated extensions. They will be shown, however, on a map of the Dual System soon to be issued, copies of which will be made on a scale suitable for insertion in this booklet. The following list shows existing stations on the existing subway and the proposed locations, as fixed by the Commission, on the new, City-owned lines:

Existing Subway.


Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues
Nevins Street
Hoyt Street
Borough Hall


South Ferry
Bowling Green
Wall Street
Fulton Street
City Hall
Brooklyn Bridge (Express)
Worth Street
Canal Street
Spring Street
Bleecker Street
Astor Place
14th Street (Express)
18th Street
23rd Street
28th Street
33rd Street
Grand Central (Express)
Times Square
50th Street
Columbus Circle
66th Street
72nd Street (Express)
86th Street
91st Street
96th Street (Express)

Broadway Branch

103rd Street
110th Street
116th Street
Manhattan Street-128th Street
137th Street
145th Street
157th Street
168th Street
181st Street
191st Street
Dyckman Street
207th Street
215th Street


225th Street
231st Street
238th Street
242nd Street - Van Cortlandt Park

Lenox Avenue Branch

110th Street
116th Street
125th Street
135th Street
145th Street


Mott Avenue
Third Avenue
Jackson Avenue
Prospect Avenue
Intervale Avenue
Simpson Street
Freeman Street
174th Street
177th Street
180th Street - Bronx Park

Stations on New Lines.

Station Approximate Location of Platform Approximate Location of Entrance
Grand Central, Ex. On Lexington Avenue between 41st and 43rd Streets.  
51st Street. Centering on 51st Street. 51st Street
59th Street. Centering on the block between 59th and 60th Streets. Between 59th and 60th Streets.
68th Street Extending northerly from 68th Street 68th Street.
77th Street Centering on 77th Street 77th Street.
86th Street, Ex. Centering on 86th Street 86th Street.
96th Street Extending southerly from 96th Street. 96th Street
103rd Street. Extending northerly from 102nd Street 103rd Street
110th Street. Extending southerly from 111th Street. 111th St. (Exit only).
116th Street. Centering on 116th Street. 116th Street.
125th Street, Ex. Centering slightly south of 125th Street. 125th Street.
Mott Haven Centering on 138th Street 138th Street
149th Street Centering on 149th Street 149th Street
161st Street Extending northerly from 161st Street 161st Street
167th Street Center of station south of 167th Street 167th Street
170th Street Centering on 170th Street 170th Street
Belmont Street Centering on Belmont Street Belmont Street
176th Street Centering on easterly branch of East 176th Street East 176th Street
Burnside Avenue, Ex. Extending southerly from Burnside Avenue Burnside Avenue
183rd Street Centering on East 183rd East Street 183rd Street
Fordham Road Centering on Fordham Road Fordham Road
Kingsbridge Road Centering on Kingsbridge Road Kingsbridge Road
200th Street On private property west of Jerome Avenue, extending southerly from 200th Street 200th Street
Mosholu Parkway Centering between Mosholu Parkway north and south Mosholu Parkway
Woodlawn Road, Ex. Extending southerly from Woodlawn Road Woodlawn Road
Third Avenue Between 3rd and Alexander Avenues Third Avenue
Brook Avenue Centering on Brook Avenue Brook Avenue
Cypress Avenue Center of station east of Cypress Avenue Midway between Cypress Avenue and Robbins Ave
East 143rd Street Extending northerly from East 143rd Street East 143rd Street
East 149th Street Midway between East 149th Street and Avenue St. John 149th Street
Longwood Avenue Approximately centered on Longwood Avenue Longwood Avenue
Hunt's Point Road, Ex. Extending northerly from Hunt's Point Road Plaza at Hunt's Point Road and Whitlock Avenue
Whitlock Avenue On Whitlock Avenue, extending southerly from Westchester Avenue South of Westchester Avenue
Classon's Point Road Extending northerly from Classon's Point Road Near Classon's Point Road
St. Lawrence Avenue Centering on St. Lawrence Avenue St. Lawrence Avenue
East 177th St., Ex. Plaza at intersection of Westchester Avenue and 177th Street 177th Street
Castle Hill Avenue Approximately centering on Castle Hill Avenue Castle Hill Avenue
Zerega Avenue Centering south of Zerega Avenue Zerega Avenue
Westchester Square Westchester Square Westchester Square
Middletown Road Extending northerly from Middletown Road North of Middletown Road
Buhre Avenue Centered on Buhre Avenue Buhre Avenue
Pelham Bay Park, Ex. Extending southerly from Eastern Boulevard Pelham Bay Park
(Brooklyn & Manhattan)
Borough Hall Centered between Myrtle Avenue and Joralemon Street Myrtle Avenue and Willoughby Street
Henry Street Centered between Henry Street and Monroe Place Henry Street
Wall Street Centered between Wall and Cedar Streets Wall and Cedar Streets
Fulton Street Centered between John and Fulton Streets Fulton aud John Streets
Park Place Approximately centered on Church Street Broadway
South Ferry Present station  
Rector Street Centered between Rector and Edgar Streets Rector Street and near Morris Street
Cortlandt Street Centered between Cortlandt and Fulton Streets Dey and Cortlandt Streets
Chambers Street, Ex. Approximately centered on Chambers Street Chambers Street
Franklin Street Centered between Franklin and North Moore Streets Franklin Street
Canal Street Centered between Canal and Grand Streets Canal Street
Houston Street Centered between King and Houston Streets King and Houston Streets
Christopher Street Centered between Grove and Christopher Streets Christopher Street
14th Street, Ex. Centered between 13th and 14th Streets 14th Street
18th Street Centered between 18th and 19th Streets 18th Street
23rd Street Approximately centered on 23rd Street 23rd Street
28th Street Centered between 27th and 28th Streets 28th Street
Pennsylvania Station, Ex. Centered between 32nd and 34th Streets 32nd and 34th Street
Times Square, Ex. Centered between 40th and 42nd Streets 40th and 42nd Streets
Bergen Street Centered approximately on Bergen Street Bergen Street
Prospect Park Centered between Eighth Avenue and Park Plaza Eighth Avenue and Park Plaza
Underhill Avenue Centered between Underhill and Washington Avenues Between Underhill and Washington Avenues
Franklin Avenue, Ex. Approximately centered on Franklin Avenue Franklin Avenue
Nostrand Avenue Approximately centered on Nostrand Avenue Nostrand Avenue
Kingston Avenue Approximately centered on Kingston Avenue Kingston Avenue
Utica Avenue, Ex. Extending east of Schenectady Avenue Utica Avenue
President Street Centered approximately on President Street President Street
Sterling Street Centered between Sterling Street and Lefferts Avenue Sterling Street and Lefferts Avenue
Winthrop Street Centered between Winthrop and Robinson Streets Winthrop and Robinson Streets
Church Avenue Approximately centered on Church Avenue Church Avenue
Beverly Road Approximately centered on Beverly Road Beverly Road
Newkirk Avenue Approximately centered on Newkirk Avenue Newkirk Avenue
Flatbush Avenue Approximately centered on Flatbush Avenue Flatbush Avenue
Sutter Avenue Approximately centered on Sutter Avenue Sutter Avenue
Saratoga Avenue Approximately centered on Saratoga Avenue Saratoga Avenue
Rockaway Avenue Approximately centered on Rockaway Avenue Rockaway Avenue
Junius Street Approximately centered on Junius Street Powell and Junius Streets
Pennsylvania Avenue Centering on Pennsylvania Avenue Pennsylvania Avenue
Van Sicklen Avenue Centered approximately on Van Sicklen Avenue Van Sicklen Avenue
New Lots Avenue Centered between Warwick and Cleveland Streets Cleveland Street (Warwick Street)
(Manhattan & Queens)
Times Square Approximately centered on Broadway 42nd Street and Broadway
Fifth Avenue Centered between Fifth and Sixth Avenues Between Fifth and Sixth Avenues
Grand Central Approximately centered on Lexington Avenue Between Park and Lexington Avenues
Vernon-Jackson Avenue Centered between Vernon and Jackson Avenues. Jackson Avenue (Vernon Avenue)
Hunter's Point Avenue Centered between 4th Street and Hunter's Point Avenue Fourth Street and Hunter's Point Avenue
Ely Avenue Approximately centered on 12th Street 12th Street and Jackson Avenue
Queensboro Plaza, Ex. Centered between Crescent and Prospect Streets Prospect and Crescent Streets
Rawson Street Centered between Rawson and Moore Streets Rawson and Moore Streets
Lowery Street Approximately centered on Lowery Street Lowery Street
Bliss Street Centered between Bliss and Carolin Streets Bliss and Carolin Streets
Lincoln Avenue Centered between Lincoln and Grout Avenues Lincoln and Grout Avenues
Woodside, Ex. Centered between Eighth Street and Poe Place Eighth Street, L I. R. R.
Broadway Approximately centered on Broadway Broadway
25th Street Approximately centered on 25th Street 25th Street
Elmhurst Avenue Centered between 32nd and 34th Streets Elmhurst Avenue
Junction Avenue, Ex. Approximately centered on Junction Avenue Junction Avenue
Alburtis Avenue Centered between Alburtis Avenue and 46th Street Between 46th Street and Alburtis Avenue
Beebe Avenue Approximately centered on Beebe Avenue Beebe Avenue
Washington Avenue Approximately centered on Washington Avenue Washington Avenue
Broadway Approximately centered on Broadway Broadway
Grand Avenue Approximately centered on Grand Avenue Grand Avenue
Hoyt Avenue, Ex. Approximately centered at Hoyt and Flushing Avenues Hoyt Avenue
Ditmars Avenue Centered between Ditmars and Potter Avenues Between Ditmars and Potter Avenues
East 180th Street, Ex. Extending north of 180th Street East 180th Street, Adams Street, and N. Y., W. & B. R. R.
Burchell Avenue Approximately centered on Sagamore Street Sagamore Street
Pelham Parkway Centered approximately on Pelham Parkway Pelham Parkway
Allerton Avenue Approximately centered on Allerton Avenue Allerton Avenue
Burke Avenue Approximately centered on Burke Avenue Burke Avenue
Gun Hill Road, Ex. Approximately centered on Gun Hill Road Gun Hill Road
East 219th Street Centered between 219th and 220th Streets East 219th Street (East 220th Street)
East 225th Street Centered between 225th and 226th Streets East 225th Street (East 226th Street)
East 233rd Street Centered between 232nd and 233rd Streets East 233rd Street (East 232nd Street)
East 238th Street Approximately centered on East 238th Street. East 238th Street
Becker Avenue, Ex. Centered between 240th and 241st Streets East 241st Street
(Locations of entrances in parentheses denote possible future entrances.)

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