The New York Subway: Appendix 2, Rapid Transit Subway Construction Company

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Rapid Transit Subway Construction Company

August BelmontWalter LuttgenMorton F. Plant
E. P. BryanJohn B. McDonaldWilliam A. Read
Andrew FreedmanWalter G. OakmanCornelius Vanderbilt
James JourdanJohn PierceGeorge W. Young
Gardiner M. Lane

Executive Committee
August BelmontJames JourdanWilliam. A. Read
Andrew FreedmanWalter G. OakmanCornelius Vanderbilt

August Belmont, PresidentWalter G. Oakman, Vice-President
John B. McDonald, ContractorJohn F. Buck, Treasurer
H. M. Fisher, SecretaryE.F. Gaynor, Auditor
S.L.F. Deyo, Chief EngineerGeorge W. Wickersham, General Counsel
Alfred A. Gardner, Attorney

Engineering Staff
S.L.F. Deyo, Chief Engineer
H.T. Douglas, Principal Assistant Engineer
  • A. Edward Olmsted, Division Engineer, Manhattan-Bronx Lines.
  • Henry B. Reed, Division Engineer, Brooklyn Extension.
  • Theodore Paschke, Resident Engineer, First Division, City Hall to 33d Street, also Brooklyn Extension, City Hall to Bowling Green; and Robert S. Fowler, Assistant.
  • Ernest C. Moore, Resident Engineer, Second Division, 33d Street to 104th Street; and Stanley Raymond, Assistant.
  • William C. Merryman, Resident Engineer, Third Division, Underground Work, 104th Street to Fort George West Side and Westchester Avenue East Side; and William B. Leonard, W. A. Morton, and William F. Morris, Jr., Assistants.
  • Allan A. Robbins and Justin Burns, Resident Engineers, Fourth Division, Viaducts ; and George I. Oakley, Assistant.
  • Frank D. Leffingwell, Resident Engineer, East River Tunnel Division, Brooklyn Extension; and C. D. Drew, Assistant.
  • Percy Litchfield, Resident Engineer, Fifth Division, Brooklyn Extension, Borough Hall to Prospect Park and Edward R. Fichner, Assistant.
  • M. C. Hamilton, Engineer, Maintenance of Way; and Robert E. Brandeis, Assistant.
  • D. L. Turner, Assistant Engineer in charge of Stations.
  • A. Samuel Berquist, Assistant Engineer in charge of Steel Erection.
  • William J. Boucher, Assistant Engineer in charge of Draughting Rooms.

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