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Roslagsbanan X10p EMUs, in the yard adjacent to Stockholm's Ostra station. Photo by Tim Deakin, April 2007.


Operating east from Stockholm to the suburbs of Saltsjöbaden and Solsidan is the Saltsjöbanan line. This is a combination commuter/metro style line, which eparts from a grim subterranean station adjacent to Stockholm's harbour. The main service operates to Saltsjöbaden; the Solsidan branch seems to be served as a shuttle from Igelboda, although the timetable indicates that through trains operate during the peaks. Stock utilised is older Tunnelbana cars which have been converted from third rail to overhead line operation. They also have 'flared' bodywork, very reminiscent of London Underground's surface designs of the 1930s and 40s, such as the R stock. Presumably this was part of their conversion for use on the Saltsjöbanan. Over the coming years the Saltsjöbanan is to be rebuilt and integrated into the Tvärbanan light rail line. The former Tunnelbana metro cars will be replaced by modern low-floor LRVs as currently employed on the Tvärbanan. Presumably the frequency will improve somewhat - off-peak service at the moment is quite sparse, at every 20-30 minutes.

The Roslagsbanan is a small yet curious 891mm-gauge system which operates to the north of Stockholm. Its city terminus is Stockholms Ostra station, adjacent to the Metro Red line's Tekniska Hogskolan metro station. The northern end of the line serves three branches, the terminals being Nasbypark, Osterskar and Karsta; the latter branch is considerably longer than the others. Stock used is 1980s sets powered by 1.5Kv DC overhead line, which in keeping with the line's interurban nature feature doors at the end of cars only. A small yard is adjacent to Stockholms Ostra station, with a heavier maintenance facility a few kilometres north.

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