St.-Etienne, France

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St. Etienne PCC no. 528. Photo by Thierry Leleu, April 1997.


St.-Etienne boasts the longest-running tram system in France, having opened in 1881. Like other French cities, St.-Etienne retrenched until only line 4, a long north-south route remained in 1952. 30 new single-end PCCs built by La Brugeoise modernized the line in 1958, and five articulated PCCs arrived ten years later.

In 1991, the route was lengthened, and phaseout of the PCCs began with the receipt of 15 Alstom/Vevey single-end, partial low-floor streetcars similar to the double-end TFS trams delivered to Grenoble, Paris and Rouen. Complete retirement of the PCCs was achieved in 1998 with 20 additional Alstom/Vevey trams. There is talk of building more tram lines. Interestingly, the new Alstom trams used trolley poles initially, but were converted to pantograph operation in September 1998 after the PCCs were withdrawn.

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Image 49452

(194k, 792x532)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Place Carnot

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(248k, 1044x686)
Photo by: Thierry Leleu

Image 62149

(121k, 820x552)
Photo by: Bernard Chatreau
Location: Place du Peuple

Image 62157

(81k, 566x820)
Photo by: Bernard Chatreau
Location: Clinique du Parc

Image 135004

(125k, 850x558)
Photo by: Bernard Chatreau
Location: Musée d'Art Moderne

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