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The SeaBus is a passenger ferry service between the Vancouver Waterfront and the North Vancouver Area across the Inner Harbour. Service began in 1977, becoming the first high-capacity ferry service on the West Coast of North America.

The system uses two double-catamaran boats, named the Burrard Otter and Burrard Beaver respectively. Each SeaBus seats 400 passengers and has a crew of 4.

Operations have been very well-run, as the SeaBus has only ceased operations once in its entire history. The SeaBus is not affected by adverse weather conditions, and has even rescued crews from stricken float planes and small vessels.

Headways and turnaround is quick and efficient. The two terminals are similar in design, consisting of two docking berths, with a waiting room between for boarding. Side concourses allow passengers deboarding to leave as new passengers board from the center waiting room. The two terminals are at Waterfront and Lonsdale Quay. Waterfront terminal is connected to the transit hub at the historic Canadian Pacific Waterfront Station by an elevated walkway. Transfers to West Coast Commuter Rail, SkyTrain, and bus service are provided at this location. Operations are precisely timed as to allow for orderly transfers.

Lonsdale Quay is connected to a bus transit hub and the Lonsdale Quay Public Market.

SeaBus is operated by North Coast Mountain Bus Company, a TransLink subsidiary. Fares are the same as TransLink buses and SkyTrain, creating a large multimodal seamless system.

For the future, TransLink is considering ordering a third boat to increase capacity. A ferry service similar to the SeaBus is also being considered for a crossing farther east as well.

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