Recent London Underground Advertising Posters (1924)

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Electric Railway Journal · Vol. 64, No. 19 · November 1, 1924 · pp. 804-805.

Recent London Underground Advertising Posters.

Whatever the message advertising for traffic or to build public understanding and good will the "Underground" of London seems to have a way of presenting it that tells much at a glance or has an especial appeal from sheer beauty. The reproductions here lose much of their effectiveness because they do not show the colors, but they give a good idea of the subject matter at least.

Aside from those whose attractiveness helps io "put over" the suggestion for seasonal riding, note the extent of the story that is told. The poster to the right gives a remarkable bird's-eye view of the location of all underground stations. The poster itself measures 50 x 39 in. Another shows the increased distance that can be covered in 15 minutes on the Underground as compared to walking or riding the bus or the taxicab. Another tells a construction story without a word and still another shows the way to overcome delays due to traffic.

We Americans, though greatly superior in the character of our general magazine advertising, nevertheless lag far behind these London railway men in our transportation advertising.


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