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Newark Airtrain monorail at Penn Station. Photo by Leonard Wilson.


The Newark Airtrain opened on May 31, 1996. The 1.9 mile system is a monorail with a side rail. It was originally an airport circulator. However, in 1997 the Port Authority began construction of an extension to the New Jersey Transit and Amtrak Northeast Corridor line. The extension was completed on October 12, 2001.

The Newark Airtrain currently carries 30,000 riders daily. It consists of cars separated by accordion-like partitions. Each car contains tiny ADA-compliant cabins with two seats. The seats are either hard plastic or vinyl. There is a map of the system in each cabin. The Airtrain within Newark Liberty International Airport is free. A flat fee of $5.50 is charged for rides between the airport and the Amtrak and New Jersey Transit station. The access fee for the Airtrain is included in the price of a New Jersey Transit or Amtrak ticket. Since New Jersey Transit charges a steep surcharge for travel to Newark Airport station, customers from New York-Penn Station can save money by purchasing a ticket to North Elizabeth, detraining at the Newark International Airport station, and paying the $5.50 flat fee. The Airtrain runs every 3 minutes between 5AM and Midnight and every 15 minutes between Midnight and 5AM. The total travel time is roughly 20 minutes.

Station By Station

The first station is the Newark International Airport station on the Northeast Corridor. There is a connection to New Jersey Transit and Amtrak. There is no access to the street. The enclosed transfer includes a waiting room, restroom, and vending machines. There is also an Amtrak ticket booth and a fare control.

The next stop is station P4. It is the designated area for picking up and dropping off. There is a daily parking garage, valet parking, and a hotel courtesy van.

After a series of sharp curves the train arrives at Terminal C. This is the ground transportation terminal. Amtrak QuikTrak and New Jersey Transit TVM's are at this location. After leaving Terminal C the train ducks under a building and emerges before arriving at Terminal B. Finally, the last terminal stop is located at Terminal A.

Leaving the terminal area, the next stop is station P3. At this point a layup track is visible. There is daily parking, Avis, Hertz, and National Rental Cars. The next stop is station P2. There is daily parking and Budget and Dollar Rental cars. The last stop on the Airtrain is station P1. There is daily parking, off-airport rental cars, courtesy vans, and Enterprise Rental Car.

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