New Car for Metropolitan Railway, London (1928)

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Electric Railway Journal · Vol. 71, No. 18 · May 5, 1928 · p. 738.


The new seven-car subway train for the Metropolitan Railway of London carries 482 passengers seated and has starting effort of more than 30,000 lb.

New Car for Metropolitan Railway, London

London and Watford, a suburb, will be only a 30 minute run apart when the new subway cars operated by the Metropolitan Railway, London, England, are put into service. The company claims that this new train, recently exhibited, is the most powerful and expensive electric subway train in the United Kingdom. It has a maximum speed of 65 m.p.h., has motors developing 2,500 hp., has a tractive effort on starting of more than 30,000 lb. and a seven-car train can carry 482 passengers seated. One of the chief design features is that the whole control of its mechanism, heretofore placed under a motor coach, has been conveniently installed in a special compartment adjacent to the driver's cab. This will facilitate the handling of breakdowns particularly in tunnel sections where electrical fault location is very difficult, and will permit temporary failures to be instantly remedied. All of the company's rolling stock will probably be patterned by this standard because of the many improvements, including powerful braking, better lighting and more comfortable seats. The reason for holding the exhibition was for the purpose of allowing the public to inspect and criticize the new train. This new service is expected to prove popular with the people.


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