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Mulhouse Citadis tram no. 2022 at Pont Wilson on Line 1. Photo by Jos Straathof, July 2009.


Mulhouse (pronounced "mule-LOOSE") is situated about 90km south of Strasbourg, in the Haut Rhein region of Alsace in northeastern France. It's close to Freiburg, Germany and Basel, Switzerland, and the regional airport actually serves all three cities. Its economic base consists of a Peugeot automobile plant and a number of chemical, electronics and engineering enterprises.

Mulhouse traces its history back to the 13th Century. A clock tower in Centre-Ville denotes a famous battle in 1384. The "new quartier", situated around Place République, was developed in 1826 after the town's Medieval-era walls were pulled down. (Tram line 1 serves both of these sites.)

Mulhouse had tram service from 1882 until May 2, 1956 when its last trams were replaced by buses and trolleybuses. The trolley coach system lasted into 1968. Planning for the present system began in 1998, and construction of the 2-line, 12km system began in 2003. The tramway, operated by SOLÉA, was previewed to the public on May 13, 2006, whilst the official opening occurred 7 days later, on May 20, 2006.

There are two lines. Line 1 runs basically north-south, with the south end terminating at the SNCF Gare Centrale (main railway station). It passes through Place République and runs past the 1384-vintage Clock Tower before joining with Line 2 from the east and a 4-track station at Porte Jeune. Line 1 uses the inner tracks; Line 2, which runs basically northeast-southwest, takes the outer rails, although it's possible for trams to use tracks other than usual.

Following the major transfer at Porte Jeune, Line 1 turns north again, serving Grand Rex and Cité Administrative stations. Although the line had middle-of-the street running up to this point, it then takes off in a reservation (median strip) to Musée de l'Auto, where street running ends and private right-of-way begins. The line passes the system's carbarn, and tracks running on both sides of the barn serve special events at Parc Expo. The main line heads west to Doller, where it then turns north again and crosses a rail yard and the River Ill. The next station, Stade de Bourtzweller and the outer terminal, Rattachement, are both situated in the middle of the street. The neighborhood served by these two stations is quite charming.

Line 2, running from northeast to southwest, serves highrise housing developments at both ends of the route. It also serves the city's Université. East from Porte Jeune, Nordfeld and Lefevbre are both high-rise residential in character, but the inner terminus, Nouveau Bassin, is a major shopping mall and entertainment center. Westward from Porte Jeune, Line 2 runs in the middle of the street. Mairie serves government offices; Porte Haute has some medium-rise apartment buildings. The next station, Daguerre, begins tramway reservation continuing out to the end of the line in southwestern Mulhouse. Palais des Sports has a football stadium on one side and an arena on the opposite side. Next comes Université, followed by a stiff uphill climb to Illberg. Then it's a roller coaster ride out to the high-rise housing developments at Bel Air, Nations, and Coteaux stations. Almost every station along this line sports two large semi-circle rings supporting the catenary wire.

Service on both lines is every 8 minutes Monday through Saturday, increasing to every 6 minutes during rush hours. Sunday service is set at 20 minute headways. A 3,60-Euro day ticket can be purchased at station kiosks; be sure to validate your ticket when you take your first ride on board one of Mulhouse's 27 friendly and comfortable yellow Citadis low-floor, 6-axle trams.

Planned extensions, totaling 7km, are due to come online within the next 2 years.

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