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The Golden Road Services is comprised of several previously separate narrow gauge rail services operating through the mountainous region of Switzerland above Lake Geneva and operating out of Montreux, Vevey and Blonay. Also included in this description is the all-volunteer Blonay-Chamby Musée, which uses a portion of the original interurban tram route out of Vevey and Montreux.

The services covered by Golden Road Services include locomotive- hauled trains out of Montreux (the meter-gauge MOB), the interurban tram and rack railway running from both Vevey and Montreux through Blonay and to Les Pieiades and other mountain communities (meter- gauge CEV), and the 800mm Glion-Rochers de Naye rack railway.

The Chemins de fer électriques Veveysans (CEV) was a meter gauge route that ran electric cars from Vevey to Blonay, Chamby, Châtel-St- Denis and Les Pléiades that opened in 1902. The undertaking reached Les Pléiades with a rack railway in 1911. The line's voltage was 900v DC, and both interurban cars and electric trains were used.

Retrenchment started in 1966 with closure of the Blonay-Chamby line, which later reopened as the Blonay-Chamby Musée's scenic line, and from Montreux. The route to St-Légier--Châtel-St-Denis closed two years later. The remaining sections total 10.5km.

The Montreux-Oberaland Bernois started operations in 1901 as far as Les Avants. By 1912, the full length of the main line, 62.4km, was in service to Zweisimmen (via Gstaad). There is also a branch line to Lenk operating from Zweisimmen. Like CFV, the voltage is 900v DC.

The Chemin de fer-Montreux-Glion-Rochers de Naye was built by two companies, the first, from Glion to Rochers de Naye, opened in 1892, and was joined by the second company's route from Montreux to Glion in 1909. It is a rack railway, with electric cars operating on 850 v DC. Through service began in 1986.

The Blonay-Chamby Musée operates the original Blonay-Chamby route from May to October using restored interurban cars, trams and steam trains. It is reachable from both Vevey and Montreux.

The Swiss Federal Railways connects with these interesting systems at Montreux and Vevey.

Golden Pass Panoramic, Classic and regular locomotive-drawn trains operate the full MOB line out of Montreux, with LRVs built in 1997 providing most services to Les Avants and other short-turn destinations. These same cars, along with older stock, also operate on the Vevey to Blonay line, with other cars outfitted with rack-and- pinion gearing, covering service to Les Pléiades. The line to Rochers de Naye operates 4- and 8-axle cars ranging in age from 1939 to 1992.

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