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Montpellier Citadis tram at Rives du Lez on Line 1. Photo by Thierry Leleu, April 2007.


This city, located just a few kilometers inland from the western shore of the French Riviera along the Gulf of Lion, has a population of 230,000. On July 1, 2000, some 51 years after abandonment of Montpellier's first tramway network, the city instituted a brand-new 15.2km tramway line, the "Blue Line". 28 Alstom Citadis low-floor trams, model 301, instituted the new service. They were originally 6-axle trams, but beginning in mid-2002, were subsequently lengthened to 8-axle cars by insertion of a second bogie and suspended section aft of the section which contains the pantograph.

Line 1 is basically oriented east-west, but zigzags all through the city. It begins at Odysseum, a shopping mall, on the east side of town and passes through the arts center and past the Hôtel de Ville and main railway station up to Place Comédie, the "Centre-Ville", and through Montpellier's historic district, after which it heads northwesterly through newer neighborhoods, finally turning south for St. Paul and Mosson at Euromédicine. Line 1's carbarn is near St. Paul.

Line 2, the "Red Line", which is slated to open in late 2006, is a 19km route oriented north-south running between Jacou in the northeast and St. Jean de Védas-Centre in the southwest. Line 2 will share rails with Line 1 at two locations, Gares and Place d'Europe. The carbarn, at Jeune Parque, is located off of Sabines Station. The first of 24 new Citadis trams was received on April 3, 2006.

Planning is also underway for a third tram line, the "Green Line", which will run in a southeast-northwest orientation. It's currently in conceptual design, but it is hoped to start construction soon, with a 2009 opening.


Numbers Type Year
2001-2028 Alstom Citadis 301 (3 section) 2000
2001-2028 Alstom Citadis 401 (5 section) rebuilt 2002/2003
2031-2033 Alstom Citadis 302 2006
2041-2064 Alstom Citadis 302 2006

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Image 61738

(83k, 820x556)
Photo by: Bernard Chatreau
Location: Mosson (1)

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(123k, 820x547)
Photo by: Bernard Chatreau
Location: Louis Blanc (1)

Image 61768

(94k, 820x569)
Photo by: Bernard Chatreau
Location: Gare Saint-Roch (1)

Image 64732

(282k, 1044x705)
Photo by: Thierry Leleu
Location: Rives du Lez (1)

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(208k, 1044x705)
Photo by: Thierry Leleu

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Mosson (1), Halles de La Paillade (1), Saint Paul (1), Hauts de Massane (1), Euromédecine (1), Malbosc (1), Château d'O (1), Occitanie (1), Hôpital Lapeyronie (1), Universités des Sciences et Lettres (1), Saint Eloi (1), Boutonnet (1), Stade Phillippidès (1), Place Albert 1er (1), Blvd. Pasteur (1), Louis Blanc (1), Corum (1), Pl. de la Comédie (1), Gare Saint-Roch (1), Hôtel de Ville (1), Antigone (1), Léon Blum (1), Place de l'Europe (1), Rives du Lez (1), Moularès (1), Lez Bridge (1), Port Marianne (1), Between Port Marianne and Odysseum (1), Millénaire (1), Odysseum (1), Jacou (2), Georges Pompidou (2), Via Domitia (2), Aube Rouge (2), Notre Dame de Sablassou (2), Centurions (2), La Galine (2), Clairval (2), Charles de Gaulle (2), Saint Lazare (2), Aiguelongue (2), Jeu de Mail des Abbés (2), Beaux-Arts (2), Corum (2), Between Corum and Les Aubes (2), Les Aubes (2), Pompignane (2), Place de l'Europe (2), Rives du Lez (2), Voltaire (2), Place Carnot (2), Gare Saint-Roch (2), Rondelet (2), Nouveau Saint-Roch (2), Saint Cléophas (2), Lemasson (2), Mas Drevon (2), Croix d'Argent (2), Villeneuve d'Angouleme (2), Sabines (2), Victoire 2 (2), La Condamine (2), Saint-Jean le Sec (2), Saint-Jean de Védas Centre (2), (Misc/Unknown)


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