Interborough's New Ten-Car Subway Trains (1911)

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Interborough Bulletin · Vol. 1. No. 4. - April, 1911


One of the Interborough's New Ten-Car Subway Trains.

The above is a picture of a ten-car, side-door, all-steel subway train such as is run on the express tracks of the subway. The company started this ten-car service January 23d, 1911, continuing the interval of one minute and forty-eight seconds previously run by the eight-car trains. This adding of two cars to the express trains increased the capacity of the subway express tracks 25 per cent in commission hours.

A ten-car train consists of seven motor cars and three trailers, providing seats for 500 passengers. The total length of these trains is 510 feet and the total weight is about 350 tons. As there are seven motor cars in each train, each motor car having two motors of 200 horse-power, there is, therefore, on a ten-car train, 2,800 horse-power. This is about 40 per cent greater horse-power, than is required on the limited trains on the trunk line roads.

These trains are fully equipped with the latest improvements in the way of car equipment, and represent an expense of $110,000 per train. The transportation furnished by these trains is unequalled within any city in the world.

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