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IND 8th Avenue/IND Fulton St.

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
207th Street to 168th Street 2.429/10/1932
168th Street to Chambers Street 9.849/10/1932
Chambers Street to Jay Street 2.222/01/1933
Hoyt Street to Court Street 0.424/09/1936
Jay Street to Rockaway Ave. 4.344/09/1936
Rockaway Ave to Broadway/ENY 0.4412/30/1946
Broadway/ENY to Euclid Ave 2.0411/28/1948
Euclid Ave to Lefferts Blvd 2.02/3Connected to subway

IND 6th Avenue

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
8th Ave. and 59th to 6th Ave. and 50th. 0.9 2 12/15/1940
50th St. to 34th St. Local 1.0 2 12/15/1940
34th to W4th Local 1.3 2 12/15/1940
West 4 to Second Ave 2.4 4 10/01/1936
Second Ave to Jay St. 2.3 2 04/09/1936
50th St. to 57th St. 0.4 2 07/01/1968
57th St. to 21st St. Queensbridge via 63rd St. 3.2 2 10/29/1989
34th to W4th Express 1.3 2 07/01/1968
2nd Ave. to Manhattan Bridge   2 07/01/1968

IND Brooklyn/Queens Crosstown

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
Queens Plaza to Nassau Ave. 2.328/19/1933
Nassau Ave. to Bergen St. 4.827/1/1937
Bergen St. to Carroll St. 0.5410/7/1933
Carroll St. to 4th Ave. 1.4410/7/1933
4th Ave. to Church Ave. 2.4410 /7/1933

IND Queens Boulevard

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
50th Street/8th Ave. to Queens Plaza 3.0208/19/1933
Queens Plaza To Roosevelt Ave. 2.6408/19/1933
Roosevelt Ave. To Union Turnpike 4.0412/13/1936
Union Turnpike To 169th St 2.444/24/1937
169th St To 179th St 0.5412/10/1950
Van Wyck Blvd to Jamaica Center 2312/11/1988

IND Concourse

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
145th St. Lower Level to Bedford Park Blvd. 5.137/1/1933
Bedford Park Blvd. to 205th St. 0.627/1/1933

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