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Beginning in 1902, the Hong Kong Tramway Electric Company Ltd. (a British company) began construction of the tramway line in Hong Kong, the first part of which, from Wan Chai to Shau Kei Wan via Happy Valley, opened in 1904. In 1922, Hong Kong Tramway Limited (HKT), took over the operation and still operates as a private organization as part of a company called the Wharf Group. Constant operation since 1904 makes the Hong Kong tram line one of the oldest streetcar operations in the world.

The tram line is 13 km. long, mostly street-running, in a double track line along the northern coast of Hong Kong Island from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan, with a single track of about 3 kilometres around Happy Valley Racecourse. Originally constructed with both single and double track sections, the last single track section along the main line was eliminated in August 1949.

The first tram fleet consisted of 26 single-deck trams imported from England. These tramcars were replaced by double-deck tramcars in 1912, with permanent roofs added to the cars by 1923. The fleet now consists of 164 double-decker trams, that makes the only fully double-decker tram fleet in the world, with two open-balcony trams (#28, #128). The only other city running double-deck trams is Blackpool, England.

There are stations located at the following (west to east): Kennedy Town, Whitty Street, Western Market, Prince's Building (Central, westbound), Landmark (Central, westbound), Worldwide House (Central, eastbound), Pacific Place (Admiralty), Happy Valley, Percival St. (Causeway Bay, eastbound), Sogo (Causeway Bay, westbound), North Point, Shau Kei Wan. Depots are located at Sai Wan Ho (between North Point and Shau Kei Wan), and Whitty Street.

Services are operated as follows:

  • Shau Kei Wan to Western Market
  • Shau Kei Wan to Happy Valley
  • North Point to Whitty Street
  • Happy Valley to Kennedy Town
  • Causeway Bay to Kennedy Town
  • Western Market to Kennedy Town

The tram is a very inexpensive mode of transportation when compared with other kinds of transport in Hong Kong. It costs HK$2 (US$0.25) for a trip on the tram, up to 13km long! Despite the cheap fare, the tramway company is making an effort to improve service. For example, new tram bodies, which include air conditioning, are being produced to be the models for tram modernization. Waiting platforms along the road will also be refurbished. The trams in Hong Kong are very well patronized, with the capacity of each tramcar near 115 people. During the busier periods of the day, trams depart every 90 seconds and often stack up at busy stations. In 2002, the trams recorded an average of 240,000 passenger trips daily.

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Kennedy Town Terminus, Catchick/Davis, Catchick/Smithfield, Catchick/North, Catchick/Sands, Kennedy Town Praya/Holland, 34 Kennedy Town Praya, Kennedy Town Praya/Queen's Road West, Des Voeux Road West/Hill, Des Voeux Road West/w. of Whitty, Whitty Street Terminus, Whitty Street Depot, Des Voeux Road West/Water, Des Voeux Road West/Western, Des Voeux Road West/Centre, Des Voeux Road West/Eastern, Des Voeux Road West/Wilmer, Des Voeux Road West/Sutherland, Des Voeux Road West/Queen, 28 Connaught Road West, 8 Connaught Road West, Western Market Terminus (Sheung Wan), Sheung Wan, Des Voeux Road, Des Voeux Road Central/Hillier, Des Voeux Road Central/Man Wah, Des Voeux Road Central/Gilman, Des Voeux Road Central/Jubilee, Des Voeux Road Central/Pottinger, Des Voeux Road Central/Pedder, Des Voeux Road Central/Ice House, Des Voeux Road Central/Bank, Des Voeux Road Central/Jackson, Queensway/Murray, Queensway/Cotton Tree, Queensway/Admiralty MTR, Hennessy/Queensway w. of Pacific Place, Queensway/Pacific Place, Hennessy/Arsenal, Hennessy/Johnston, Johnston Road, Johnston/Fenwick/Gresson, Johnston/Luard, Johnston/Swatow, Johnston/O'Brien, Johnston/Fleming/Wan Chai, Johnston/Burrows, Johnston/Hennessy, Hennessy/Tonnochy, Hennessy/Canal Road West, Percival/Foo Ming (Happy Valley Line), Leighton/Wong Nai Chung (Happy Valley Line), Wong Nai Chung/Broadwood (Happy Valley Line), 79 Wong Nai Chung (Happy Valley Line), Happy Valley Terminus (Happy Valley Line), Wong Nai Chung/Colonial Cemetery (Happy Valley Line), Wong Nai Chung/Queen's Road East (Happy Valley Line), Morrison Hill/Leighton (Happy Valley Line), Tin Lok Lane/Hennessy (Happy Valley Line), Hennessy/Percival, Yee Wo/Paterson, Causeway Bay Terminus, Causeway Road, Causeway Road/Shelter, Causeway Road/Victoria Park, King's Road, King's Road/Causeway, King's Road/Hing Fat, King's Road/Lau Sin (Tin Hau), King's Road/Lau Li, King's Road/Wing Hing, King's Road/Jupiter, King's Road/Oil, King's Road/Fortress Hill, Chun Yeung/North Point, King's Road/North Point, North Point Terminus, King's Road/Shu Kuk, King's Road/Tin Chiu, King's Road/Healthy Street West, King's Road/Healthy Street East, King's Road/Java, King's Road/Finnie (Quarry Bay), King's Road/Mount Parker, King's Road/Shipyard, Kornhill Road/Tai Koo MTR, Shau Kei Wan/Tai Koo Shing, Shau Kei Wan/Tai Hong/Tai Lok, Shau Kei Wan/Tai On, Shau Kei Wan/Holy Cross, Shau Kei Wan/Hoi Foo, Sai Wan Ho Depot Entrance, Sai Wan Ho Depot, Shau Kei Wan, Shau Kei Wan/Sun Sing, Shau Kei Wan/Nam Hong, Shau Kei Wan/Chai Wan, Shau Kei Wan Terminus, (Misc/Unknown)

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