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BMT Astoria

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
Queensborough Plaza to Ditmars Ave..2/31917

BMT Brighton

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
DeKalb to Prospect Park2.3 28/1/1920
Prospect Park to Church Ave0.849/25/1919
Church Ave to Newkirk Ave1.041907
Newkirk to Sheepshead Bay3.441907
Sheepshead Bay to Ocean Parkway1.144/22/1917
Ocean Parkway to W 8th0.44/25/30/1917
W 8th to Stillwell0.425/30/1919

BMT Broadway Brooklyn/Nassau St.

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
Montague Tunnel to Chambers1.0205/30/1931
Chambers to Canal0.4208/04/1913
Canal to Essex0.8408/04/1913
Essex to Marcy1.7209/16/1908
Marcy to Broadway/Myrtle1.439/16/1888 (rebuilt 1/17/1916)
Broadway/Myrtle to Broadway Jct.2.53 (2 past Eastern Pky)9/4/1885 (rebuilt 12/21/1916)
Alabama Ave..22/2/1885
Van Siclen to Crescent..26/12/1893 (rebuilt 05/28/1917)
Cypress to 111th..26/11/1917
121st to 168th..212/2/1918 (Sutphin, 160th, 168th closed 9/10/1977; Queens Blvd & Metropolitan Ave closed 4/15/1985)
121 to Jamaica Ctr/Parsons-Archer 212/11/1988
Broadway/Myrtle to Central Ave0.6212/19/1889 (rebuilt 07/29/1914)
Central Ave to Wyckoff Ave0.7212/19/1889 (rebuilt 07/01/1918)
Wyckoff Ave to Metropolitan Ave.1.0202/22/1915 (8/9/1915?)

BMT Broadway Manhattan

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
DeKalb to Whitehall2.08/6/2/31/1/1920
Whitehall to Prince1.82/41/5/1918
Prince to 14th Street0.849/4/1917
14th to Times Square1.441/5/1918
Times Square to 57th Street/7th Avenue0.847/10/1919
57th Street to Lexington Ave/60th Street Tunnel1.728/1/1920

BMT Canarsie

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
6th Avenue - Montrose  6/30/1924
Morgan Ave - Broadway Junction  12/14/1928

BMT Culver

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
Church to Ditmas0.3410/30/1954
(9th Ave. to) Ditmas to Kings Hwy.2.333/16/1919
Kings Highway to Ave X1.035/10/1919
Ave X to Stillwell1.325/1/1920
9th Ave to DitmasDemolished 1975

BMT Sea Beach

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
59th/4th Av. to 86th4.44/36/22/1915, express 1/15/1916
86th to Stillwell1.12On or prior to 10/18/1920

BMT West End

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
36th to 9th Ave0.9varies6/24/1916
9th Av to 18th Ave2.736/24/1916
18th Ave to 25th Ave1.136/29/1916
25th Ave to Bay 50th0.737/21/1917
Bay 50th to Stillwell0.827/21/1917

BMT 4th Ave.

SectionMileageTracksDate Opened
Myrtle to 59th4.446/22/1915
59th to 86th1.421/15/1916
86th to 95th0.4210/31/1925

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