Station: Whitlock Avenue (Pelham Line)

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IRT Pelham Line train heading north out of Whitlock Avenue onto the Bronx River Bridge. Photo by Zach Summer, November 2011.

IRT Pelham Line
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Opened: 5/30/1920

Three tracks, two side platforms. The north end of the station has a canopy over the platform, and there is some windscreening along the outsides of the platform. The mezzanine is wood and features frosted windows in a simulated 16-pane pattern. At one time there were doors from the platform to the fare control but they have been removed; doors from fare control to street remain.

The station is adjacent to an abandoned railroad station called Westchester Avenue which was served by the New York, Westchester, and Boston Railway, and the New York, New Haven and Hartford.

This station is particularly interesting to railfans for its views to the south of trains climbing from the subway up onto the elevated structure, and to the north for a wide, sweeping curve onto the Bronx River Bridge.


Bronx River View, Barbara Grygutis (2010)

Photo Gallery

Image 384
(145k, 1044x696)
Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: Bronx River Bridge

Image 7095
(332k, 1044x701)
Collection of: David Pirmann
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 37619
(172k, 900x598)
Photo by: Fred Guenther
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 38849
(186k, 1024x662)
Photo by: Joe Testagrose
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 40134
(142k, 1044x828)
Photo by: Brian Weinberg
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 58700
(174k, 1037x778)
Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 66108
(112k, 800x583)
Photo by: Phillip Lee
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 90006
(231k, 1044x791)
Photo by: Aliandro Brathwaite
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 118819
(385k, 1044x703)
Photo by: Chris C. Shaffer
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 118823
(288k, 1044x596)
Photo by: Chris C. Shaffer
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 122042
(402k, 1044x702)
Photo by: David Tropiansky
Location: Bronx River Bridge

Image 133916
(322k, 1024x681)
Photo by: John Dooley
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 138767
(317k, 1044x703)
Photo by: Neil Feldman
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 139728
(336k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Anthony J. Liccese
Location: Whitlock Avenue

Image 143501
(340k, 1044x703)
Photo by: Neil Feldman
Location: Whitlock Avenue

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