Station: Fulton Street (Crosstown Line)

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IND Crosstown Line
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Opened: 7/1/1937

From here to Court Square, the tile colors on this line are one of three patterns. Pattern one which begins at Fulton Street is light green with medium green border, pattern two, which begins at Broadway is very light green with a black border, identical to that found at 71st-Continental Avenue on the Queens Boulevard line, and pattern three beginning at Nassau Avenue has forest green tile with a black border. Stations have two wall platforms and two tracks unless noted otherwise. Name tablets, where present have colors reversed from the tile colors.

Fulton Street. This station features ornate vent grills in the ceiling and has a closed northern exit which has a old high wheel turnstile at the top (it is barricaded at platform level). Another closed exit has corrugated windscreen in the ceiling where the stairs once were. There is new replacement tile covering up this former entrance - a lighter shade of green with a different, darker green border. Near the center of the platform is an exit stair marked employees only. The south exit to Queens is unique for this line in that you go down to exit since the exit is located on the Brooklyn-bound side. An old black on white Fulton sign is on the center I-beams.

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Photo by: Wayne Whitehorne
Location: Fulton Street

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Location: Fulton Street

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Photo by: Wayne Whitehorne
Location: Fulton Street

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Location: Fulton Street

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Location: Fulton Street

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Location: Fulton Street

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