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Opened: 9/10/1932

Transfer here to: IRT West Side Line

Four tracks and two island platforms, approximately 80 feet below the surface of the street. The local trains berth in the center tracks as their terminal. The expresses run thru the station on the outer tracks. The center tracks continue in Broadway, along with the outer tracks, to a small layup yard. A connection to New Jersey via the lower level of the George Washington Bridge had been proposed when the subway, and bridge, were under construction, but nothing ever came of the idea.

The platform-level tile band is a reddish purple with black border, and there are no name tablets.

There is a full mezzanine with the fare control in the center nearer to 167th Street. There is also a passageway leading to a set of elevators down to the Broadway line.

Photo Gallery

Image 652
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Photo by: Trevor Logan
Location: 168th Street

Image 34293
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Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: Oren H.
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: John Barnes
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: David M. Kelly
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: Philip D'Allesandro
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: 168th Street

Image 99968
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Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: Robbie Rosenfeld
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: Christopher Henderson
Location: 168th Street

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Photo by: Kevin Wong
Location: 168th Street

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