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signals-sign01.jpg Temporary slow speed, proceed at indicated speed signals-sign02.jpg Beginning of time control signals-sign03.jpg Proceed at speed indicated denoted in miles per hour
signals-sign04.jpg Reduce speed "20" denotes miles per hour, IRT Only signals-sign05.jpg Beginning of grade timing section, "10" denotes miles per hour signals-sign06.jpg Beginning of station timing section, "10" denotes miles per hour
signals-sign07.jpg Resume speed, "10" denotes number of cars signals-sign08.jpg Station car stop sign for all trains except R-type signals-sign09.jpg Reverse movement car stop sign for locations other than station platforms, "4" denotes number of cars
signals-sign10.jpg Gap filler sign located near the 10 car station car stop sign signals-sign11.jpg End of signal control sign, prepare to stop within vision signals-sign12.jpg Station platform sign for station with system telephone on platform level
signals-sign14.jpg Reduce speed in tunnel - IRT Only signals-sign16.jpg Diverging route "15" denotes miles per hour signals-sign17.jpg Do not exceed series speed, master controller must not be advanced beyond series position
signals-sign18.jpg Station car stop sign, "#" denotes number of cars signals-sign19.jpg Station car stop sign, "#" denotes number of R-type cars signals-sign20.jpg Railroad crossing
signals-sign21.jpg Coasting signals-sign22.jpg Stop signals-sign23.jpg Fouling point
signals-sign24.jpg Employee loading platform signals-sign26.jpg Emergency telephone location signals-sign27.jpg Fire extinguisher location
signals-sign13.jpg No clearance sign- no clearance stripe
signals-sign25.jpg Conductors Indicator Board

Subway Signals: A Complete Guide

Subway Signals: A Complete Guide

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 Les signaux du New York City Subway

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