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Portland Vintage Trolley "Council Crest" replica car on the MAX Blue (East-West) Line at Old Town-Chinatown. Photo by Peter Ehrlich, June 2006.


Portland's Vintage trolley continues the traditions of Portland's once-extensive streetcar system. Vintage trolleys share MAX light rail tracks and stations between Lloyd Center and Eleventh Avenue in downtown Portland. A special siding was built off of the MAX tracks near the Lloyd Center for the Vintage Trolley's eastern terminus station. Trolleys operate on Sundays. Rides are free; however, the trolley does accept donations.

A small trolley barn provides a space for overnight storage at Rose Quarter Transit Center. The barn sits underneath the I-5 viaduct next to the westbound MAX platform. Maintenance on the trolleys is also performed there.

The two Vintage Trolleys serving the Portland Streetcar line are stored at the Portland Streetcar yard under the I-405 Freeway in Northwest Portland.

When boarding, a conductor, dressed in a formal motorman's uniform, opens the doors and welcomes passengers aboard. While riding, the conductor will announce the stops and points of interest along the route. Overhead, historical information is placed where ads would normally occupy space in the original vehicles.

Passengers board at the rear of the car, where the conductor stands. The car is actually driven from the front by a plain-clothes operator.

The Portland Vintage Trolley is sponsored by the businesses lining its route. Stations that the trolley shares with MAX and all four of the cars bear a sponsor's markings or a plaque.

The Vintage Trolley shares the Portland MAX stations at Galleria/SW 10th Avenue, Library/SW 9th Avenue, Pioneer Square South, Pioneer Square North, Mall/SW 5th Avenue, Mall/SW 4th Avenue, Yamhill District, Morrison/ SW 3rd Avenue, Oak/SW 1st Avenue, Skidmore Fountain, Old Town/Chinatown, Rose Quarter Transit Center, Convention Center, and NE 7th Avenue. A special siding switches trolleys from the MAX tracks to a single track on 11th Avenue leading to the trolley-only Doubletree Hotel station.


Vintage trolleys are actually reproductions of Portland's 1904 Brill-built cars, which became known as the "Council Crest" streetcars in the 1920s. The Portland Vintage Trolley Company owns four of the replicas, numbered as cars 511 to 514, numbered after the originals. These cars were received in 1991, and look almost exactly like the original cars, right down to the pull-down window shades. Trolley pantographs even have to be lowered manually by the operator, just like in the old days.

Before the Czech-made streetcars arrived, the vintage trolleys were the only rail vehicles in Portland light and small enough to test the Portland Streetcar line. Two of the vintage trolleys are used as spares on the Portland Streetcar line.

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