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Station: Avenue J (Brighton Line)

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BMT Brighton Line station at Avenue J, with R-40M 4493 on "Q". Photo by: Richard Panse, February 2004.

BMT Brighton Line
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Opened: 8/23/1907

Avenue J is a local station with two side platforms alongside four tracks. At the platform level, Avenue J station closely resembles that at Avenue H, except that it has less of the windscreen treatment along the platform edges. A former high turnstile exit on the north end of the downtown platform led to the north side of Avenue J but has been closed for security reasons for many years. A view across the street from the station house reveals the abandoned stairway in a state of poor repair, with old light stanchions and evidence of a removed canopy. The station house here is underneath the tracks (instead of alongside as at Avenue H) and is essentially a tile and brick room directly under the tracks facing directly onto the streets. The tracks over the street form a natural roof for weather protection and a bus-stop shelter. Avenue J was known as "Manhattan Terrace" in the early railroad days. There doesn't seem to be a street of that name remaining but the neighborhood served by Avenue J station is still known in realty circles as Manhattan Terrace.


Bird Laid Bare, Rita MacDonald (2011)

Photo Gallery

Image 12842
(143k, 820x620)
Photo by: Joe Testagrose
Location: Avenue J

Image 28770
(113k, 820x620)
Photo by: Richard Panse
Location: Avenue J

Image 47582
(180k, 1044x688)
Photo by: Christopher Esposito
Location: Avenue J

Image 87965
(223k, 1044x791)
Photo by: Roberto C. Tobar
Location: Avenue J

Image 87968
(219k, 1044x791)
Photo by: Roberto C. Tobar
Location: Avenue J

Image 97837
(306k, 1024x768)
Collection of: Joel Shanus
Location: Avenue J

Image 104868
(385k, 1044x788)
Photo by: David-Paul Gerber
Location: Avenue J

Image 104897
(192k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: Avenue J

Image 110477
(417k, 1044x700)
Photo by: Zach Summer
Location: Avenue J

Image 110478
(423k, 1044x700)
Photo by: Zach Summer
Location: Avenue J

Image 112900
(151k, 1024x561)
Collection of: George Conrad Collection
Location: Avenue J

Image 128135
(254k, 1024x669)
Photo by: Ed McKernan
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: Avenue J

Image 136831
(204k, 820x620)
Photo by: Jorge Catayi
Location: Avenue J

Image 137554
(316k, 1024x680)
Photo by: John Dooley
Location: Avenue J

Image 137570
(313k, 1024x671)
Photo by: John Dooley
Location: Avenue J

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