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BMT Sea Beach Line
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Opened: 8/23/1915

Main exit at the south end to 8th Avenue & 62nd Street, a typical station mezzanine like the others along the line. The platforms themselves are of quite a simpler construction that the other Sea Beach stations.

At the north end of the southbound platform is a closed exit to West 8th Avenue, which has been grilled off for a long time and is now claimed by vines and weeds.

The LIRR Bay Ridge branch crosses underneath and is visible from the north end. This crossing was called 'the Crossing' in the heyday years of the Bay Ridge line.

North of the station is a switch plant connecting the sole remaining express track, and the right of way merges down to two tracks to proceed to 59th Street on the BMT 4th Avenue Line.

Photo Gallery

Image 6743
(234k, 1024x674)
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: 8th Avenue

Image 45888
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Photo by: Bruce Fedow
Location: 8th Avenue

Image 50251
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Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: 8th Avenue

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Photo by: Dante D. Angerville
Location: 8th Avenue

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Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: 8th Avenue

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Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: 8th Avenue

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Photo by: Phillip Lee
Location: 8th Avenue

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Photo by: Zach Summer
Location: 8th Avenue

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Photo by: Joel Shanus
Location: 8th Avenue

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Photo by: David-Paul Gerber
Location: 8th Avenue

Image 112906
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Collection of: George Conrad Collection
Location: 8th Avenue

Image 114491
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Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 8th Avenue

Image 120295
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Photo by: Ed McKernan
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: 8th Avenue

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Collection of: Ed Watson/Arthur Lonto Collection
Location: 8th Avenue

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Photo by: Wilfredo Castillo
Location: 8th Avenue

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