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Station: 62nd Street (West End)

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BMT West End Line
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Opened: 9/15/1916

Transfer here to: BMT Sea Beach Line

At New Utrecht Ave., this station is perhaps the highlight of the line. From the two island platforms you can see the BMT Sea Beach Line at the south end. The station has recently been rebuilt. The north exit leads to 61st St., the south exit to 62nd St. and the Sea Beach line. The south exit is unusual; down one level to a crossunder mezzanine below the tracks, then down six more steps to an intermediate level, then down 20 steps to the station house at street level (and down again to the Sea Beach line). The center track here is used only for construction reroutes, as there is no regular express service on this line. A tower and electrical room are at the south end of the northbound platform.

Good views are to be had from here south to Coney Island of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Its towers stand some 630 feet above the water and are visible from all over the southwest quarter of Brooklyn.


Nature Rail, Andrea Dezsö, 2012.

Photo Gallery

Image 28603
(68k, 768x576)
Photo by: Richard Panse
Location: 62nd Street

Image 28823
(98k, 820x620)
Photo by: Richard Panse
Location: 62nd Street

Image 49960
(254k, 788x1044)
Photo by: Ed Bove
Location: 62nd Street

Image 51564
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Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: 62nd Street

Image 61394
(137k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Jorge Catayi
Location: 62nd Street

Image 78472
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Photo by: Bill E.
Location: 62nd Street

Image 81991
(243k, 1044x791)
Photo by: Aliandro Brathwaite
Location: 62nd Street

Image 83429
(212k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Philip D'Allesandro
Location: 62nd Street

Image 108984
(261k, 1044x788)
Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 62nd Street

Image 112216
(223k, 1044x788)
Photo by: David-Paul Gerber
Location: 62nd Street

Image 119179
(282k, 1044x703)
Photo by: Chris C. Shaffer
Location: 62nd Street

Image 131075
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Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 62nd Street

Image 131566
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Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 62nd Street

Image 133411
(298k, 1024x681)
Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 62nd Street

Image 133413
(280k, 1024x664)
Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 62nd Street

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