Rapid Transit in New York City and in the Other Great Cities (1906)

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Tunnel approach, 123rd Street, New York Subway.

Prepared for the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York by its Special Committee on Recognition of Services of Members of the Chamber on the Rapid Transit Commission. The proceedings of the Chamber of Commerce authorizing the preparation and publication of this book will be found in the last chapter. The book has been prepared by Mr. S. D. V. Burr, C. E., A. M., under the direction of the Chairman of the Special Committee. Copyright, 1906, by the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York.



I The Beginnings and the Growth of New York City 1
II Plans for Relief 6
III Early Subway Schemes 9
IV Bridges to Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge,
Manhattan Bridge, Blackwells Island Bridge
V Tunnels: Hudson River Tunnel, Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Tunnel,
Pennsylvania Railroad Tunnels
VI Elevated Railroads 44
VII Rapid Transit Commission of 1875 51
VIII Commission of 1891 54
IX The Chamber of Commerce 61
X Abram Stevens Hewitt 77
XI Commission of 1894 84
XII Preparing the Subway Contract 107
XIII Contract Awarded and Work Begun 118
XIV Engineering Features of the New York Subway 122
XV Equipment of the Subway 142
XVI Work of Commission During Construction of Subway 154
XVII Opening the Subway 164
XVIII Future Rapid Transit in New York 175
XIX Financial Statement 191
XX Rapid Transit in Other Cities: London, Berlin, Budapest, Paris,
Glasgow, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia
XXI Present Rapid Transit Laws 253
XXII Appreciation of the Chamber 276
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